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Une Figure intranquille selon Javier Schönberg

Une Figure intranquille selon Javier Schönberg

Stéphane jX Beaumont (PhD), essayiste et conférencier, a été Avocat au Barreau de Paris et Directeur fiscal grands comptes. Son expertise de la maitrise des risques et du management de projet le pousse tout naturellement à s'intéresser aujourd'hui aux arcanes de la géopolitique. Auteur d'ouvrages professionnels et techniques, il a également signé plusieurs fictions historiques.

A Great War without end....

Publié par Stéphane JX' Beaumont sur 12 Décembre 2018, 16:26pm

At the Musée de l'Armée (Invalides, from 5 October to 20 January 2019), an exhibition entitled "1918-1923, a new Europe" appropriately refers us to two themes that are too often sent out quickly for the sake of simplification. The first, the complicated transformation of some old empires into new nation-states, recalls that the latter, radicalized by wars and persecutions, pushed back the date of the end of conflicts well beyond 1918.  

No less important, the second one, relating to the signed Treaties, urges us to moderate the fatal role that history lends them. And it was rather a combination of factors, notably the economic crisis of 1929, that caused the brand new Peace to be diverted to the Second World War. "The men and women of the 1920s had their destiny in hand, just as we do today," remind us of the words collected from Mr John Horne, Historian and President of the exhibition's Scientific Council (to be seen absolutely for its originality)

12 December 2018

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